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Introduction to Moose Theory

Introduction to Moose Theory

by Abigail Alces

After her seminal 1972 paper Reducibility among moose problems, Dr. Alces practically invented the field of moose theory. For years, students and instructors have found her introductory text one of the most lucid expositions on the subject. After 11 years, though, the book was due for revision. Chapers 6 and 11 were expanded with new material, and a new chapter was added.

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Introduction to Moose Theory: Second Edition is suitable for graduate students and advanced undergraduates. It assumes little or no previous exposure to moose theory.

IMT is available from fine bookstores everywhere. If it's not in stock, please ask your local retailer to buy a few hundred copies.

For those of you who are still confused, please see the JIS style guide, section 10.2.

Cover photography: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service/photo by Mike Lockhart